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Frena Gray-Davidson | Alzheimer's Guide  
Transforming the Alzheimer's Experience for Elders and their Caregivers

Welcome to Speaking Dementia

Are you an Alzheimer's Dementia Caregiver?

Frena offers life-changing, spirit-growing and skill-building workshops, training courses, coaching, books and resources for Dementia care. Email Frena or call 520-432-3203.

Speaking Dementia Video

Dementia Mama Tells It Like It Is: Check this video out and think about your dementia communication style.


Frena's Books

Frena’s books have been described
by Dr. Tom Kitwood, founder of the world-famous Bradford Dementia Project as “The best books on Alzheimer’s I’ve ever read.”

Speaking Dementia by Frena Gray-Davidson

Frena's new book Speaking Dementia is available now in Kindle and in paperback at Amazon. Click to see more of Frena's books.

Frena has just returned from the Cayman Islands


Frena was invited by the Cayman Dementia/Alzheimer's Support Group to carry out outreach workshops for the people of Grand Cayman. While there, she presented two 2-hour workshops at the Cayman Islands Hospital, community outreach sessions at the All Nations United Pentecostal Church and the Seventh Day Adventist Church and a dementia session for the island Hospice organization.

"The Cayman Islands have only had a dementia support group since late last year and it was eager to let everyone to know they were there, would be having regular monthly meetings and that there was some real practical help available."


All Frena's workshops were very practical, involving the skills of day-to-day dementia caregiving.

"Knowing how to do the caregiving is the big challenge for everyone. It's not a medical issue at that point. It's the issue of using our dementia understanding. I call it the Speaking Dementia skill. I made sure, in every session, that we gave a lot of time to people's issues. I wanted to concentrate on the real needs of real caregivers. The feedback I got from everyone was that we certainly hit the right buttons there. I was really happy with the work we did and very impressed with the caregivers I met."

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Reviews of Frena's Presentations and Workshops


Frena recently gave a day-long presentation for the Alzheimer's Society of Canada. The 150 participants included care aids, LPNs, activity staff, social workers, RNs and family caregivers. Conny Schipper of the Alzheimer's Society of Canada wrote:

“Frena's humorous practical compassionate approach to dementia care was enjoyed by all.”

Participants wrote:

“I liked Frena's energy, honesty
and passion.”

“I liked the focus on building a heart connection with the person
you care for.”

“I was moved to laughter and
tears during this workshop - it
was fascinating and inspiring.”

“Everyone in the caregiving profession should take this workshop for a fresh perspective.”

“I gained suggestions for meaningful activities for those
with dementia and suggestions for dealing with challenging behaviors.”

“Good ideas to build on.”

“I liked the interactive nature of Frena's workshop.”

“I liked best the question of how I'm being asked to grow as a caregiver.”

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“Frena Gray-Davidson is a talented, knowledgeable and warm person.”

American Society on Aging

“Thank-you from the bottom of
our hearts for your wonderful presentation.”

Alzheimer’s Association, North Dakota

“Frena has applied her creative insight into Alzheimer’s Disease to develop an innovative approach to planned caregiving.”

Dr Jan Lord, MD, Kaiser Permanente

“Frena’s work is unique and valuable in the understanding she has of those who have Alzheimer’s Disease. It is rare to find someone who can constantly search for hands-on solutions which support the person with Alzheimer’s.”

Conne Pence, Director, Mount Diablo Alzheimer’s Day Care Program

“I thank you so much for the help you gave our Public Health Nurses, our social workers and our villagers in your Alzheimer’s training sessions.”

Director of the Territorial Department
of Aging, American Samoa


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